Pic_14_1Wooden plaques, embellished with your name and achievements symbolizes success. Tokens and certificates of appreciation, when bound in a solid case, last longer and increase attraction towards your achievements individually and as an organization.

These wooden plaques are available for custom inscriptions. These inscriptions are either carved by hand or engraved by laser in case of highly detailed and meticulous impressions. Each and every stroke and angle is done with impeccable accuracy to carry out the instructions and implement them to a dot. Names, events, organizations and places can be engraved on these plaques to serve as a timeless keepsake. The plaques can also be served as certificates of extraordinary performances in academics, athletic or professional fields. These can be custom designed to hold the names and ranks, and can be used as nameplates of houses or on desks.

These plaques are made with finest quality oak wood and others, grown and gathered locally. Every plaque is made Pic_14_2of one single, strong, re-sawed block wooden block, with a finish rivaling even that of marble. Plaques are custom made in every size. Many plaques can be installed in lieu of lid of boxes and chests with the top facing either outside or inside of the lid as well as can be installed as parting and shelves in these boxes. These plaques can be made individually with small stands or can be made as shields and trophies in various shapes. Plaques are available for order in bulk or as individually customized pieces. These plaques are made, shipped and delivered at fantastic pace. Each piece is carved, installed wrapped and shipped with extra care to ensure top notch service to our clientele.

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