Pic_29_1Class always comes with the connotations of being stodgy and pompous. Chess often has a similar meaning. It is often seen as a rigid game with only elite and mature audiences. Incorporating chess with your contemporary interior decoration is a feat difficult to accomplish.

Custom made chess boards are made for the sole purpose of harmonizing your décor with this exquisite board game. This is done by making chess boards, sets, and pieces with the custom sizes and dimensions suitable for individual settings.

The chess sets are customizable to be made in different types of woods ranging from oak to purple heartwood, Pic_29_2depending on the shade of wood required in the results. More than one type of wood is used to get the two different colors in a single chess set, including the board and the pieces.

Pic_29_3These chess sets can be designed in the classical manner to enhance the ambiance or they can be customized to fit the surroundings. These wooden chess sets can be animated, if made especially for the children with matching pieces and colorful boards.

These wooden sets can also be themed and designed like the famous occurrences in history or wondrous destinations of the world. These can be designed after sailboats, trains, space crafts, racecars, or famous people in history.

These chess sets can be colored with long-stay paints and colors, if demanded. This usually is the case in animated or themed wooden chess sets. These paints and these sets are durable and immune to the rapid wear-and-tear, perfect for any and every household.

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