Advancements in technology usually come at a great cost to the environment. Every product that hits the shelves seems to cost the consumer more than just a few coins. In our effort to do something about the ever-growing carbon footprints of other manufacturers, we have taken a number of measures that ensure we only affect our immediate environment positively.

How We Source Our Raw Materials

Even though we use high quality wood, none of our raw materials comes from protected or endangered tree species anywhere on the planet. We have also invested a considerable amount of resources in training our team on the best methods of incorporating recyclable materials in the finished products. Our factory in Vietnam prides itself in its efforts that have seen our wastage reduce by a very large percentage. All the materials that are classified by our factory managers as unfit for production work are broken down and used to fuel major machines.

Production Method

In order to eliminate any wastage and possible negative effects to the environment, we have adopted a rather unique production technique that raises our efficiency by almost 40%. A large percentage of our products are manufactured on demand. This means that we only spend our resources on products that are needed immediately by our customers. This mode of operation means that we don’t waste any space storing finished products. It also ensures that all finished products are delivered in a timely manner to create space for more. The result is a great reduction in the space needed by the entire factory.

Energy Efficient Machines

Our factory also boasts of a number of energy efficient machines that bring our overall energy consumption to a very low level. We strive to ensure the machines are serviced and maintained regularly to keep them at their best.

Finishing and Polishing Chemicals

We appreciate the fact that any production process requires the use of a number of chemicals. While these chemicals help improve the lifespan of finished products, they also tend to burden the environment, especially when they are not disposed of well. We at Custom Wood Handicrafts therefore have design a waste management and disposal system that ensures we don’t harm our immediate environment as we strive to do business. We also strive to select only the chemicals that leave as little traces as possible on the environment. Under our traditional methods of production, we have come up with a number of organically produced chemicals that will not show up in our eco system. This is crucial to us because we rely on our immediate environment and neighbors to help sustain our business.

Packaging Materials

The nature of our products places us in a unique position in regards to packaging and delivering the finished products. It is undeniable that wooden products are among the few items that will look even more appealing when packaged in recycled materials. We have therefore taken advantage of this fact to come up with innovative and eco friendly packages to deliver your products safely.

At Custom Wood Handicrafts, we take each day as an opportunity to learn something new. Our team is constantly encouraged to come up with better ways to conduct business while doing our part to conserve and improve the environment.

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