Pic_18_1A thing of beauty is not only a source of joy and appreciation but also a lovely temptation as to indulge in all the comforts our surroundings offer us. Things of beauty scattered around a household make the inhabitant a part of the charm they exude. Be it in form of old fashioned Ottoman wall-borders, minimalistic side table figurines or vases, extravagant human-sized statues, or lavish center-pieces or time-pieces for the tables, Custom designed wooden sculptures are aimed to suit every need of our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

These wooden sculptures are custom made with specified dimensions, profiles and Pic_18_2different sizes. These can be made in shapes of wooden side-table knick-knacks like clocks, vases, small lamps. Small wooden paper weights in shape of your favorite name or carved like your favorite picture marks the highlight of the study table. Sculptures in form of life-size humans, buildings, trees or inanimate objects can adorn that one empty corner of the living room perfectly. Every sculpture can be as big or small as the client demands. With specific dimensions, wall-borders and shelf-borders can also be designed. All the sculptures are carved with immaculate precision and utmost care with a long-stay finish, following designs to the dot.

Their durability prevails over the dainty designs and makes handling and dusting of these custom made adornments secure and much easier. Their weightlessness also attributes to easy conveyance in contrast to bulky, marble statues. These sculptures are made from all the sturdy species of wood available, making them resilient against the abrasions as well as the scuffs and scrapes over their life-period.


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