It is a fact that good quality products are highly priced. However, we at custom Wood Handicrafts aim to solve with our cost reduction tactics. We believe that access to fine works of art shouldn’t be limited by cost. For a while now we have successfully managed to produce excellent custom wood pieces at affordable prices. Occasionally everyone deserves a beautiful addition to his or her home or workplace without having to break the bank.
We have been able to achieve low prices while maintaining high standards through the following ways:

Buying our raw materials in bulk

Our factory managers in Vietnam are in charge of procuring most of the raw materials needed for production. These managers buy large quantities of high quality wood in anticipation of our customers’ orders and our production speed. Buying materials in bulk means that we enjoy huge discounts from our suppliers as we stock up. The effects of the low prices eventually trickle down to the end user in the form of unbeatably low prices.

Only leasing the required amount of space

Our business model allows us to bring down other operating costs such as the cost of storage space and additional floor space. We mainly achieve this by delivering the finished products to the customers immediately they are completed. This means that unlike other manufacturers we do not spend extra money leasing storage space. As stated above, if our production costs remain low we are able to share that benefit with all our customers in the form of low priced goods.

Minimize Wastage

Our designers and artisans are highly experienced in what they do. We encourage each one of them to come up with better ways of producing good pieces with the least amount of waste. Every member in the team shares ideas with others to keep all wastage at a minimum. When we maintain our wastage levels low, we keep all possible losses at a minimum, resulting in affordable finished products for our eager customers.

Employee Teamwork to keep Production Efficient

Any production or assembly line needs teamwork in order to function efficiently. At custom Wood Handicrafts, we view everyone as one big family. This helps foster cohesion and a generally positive work environment. This in turn results in a production team that works fast and fluidly, to meet all deadlines and avoid any extra costs.

Reusing waste materials to produce energy

We understand that most production processes cost a lot of money and resources because of the amount of energy consumed. We have done our best to supplement our energy needs at the factory in every way possible. During production, various bits of raw material are chipped or curved off. We have designed our factory sections to allow all staff members to gather all waste safely to be used as fuel for other machines in the factory. The resources we save by reusing waste materials to power some of our equipment will translate into reduced prices for our finished products.

We believe that our efforts take us a step closer to reaching our goal; providing our customers with high quality products at prices that are unbelievably lower than what the market currently offers.

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